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Finding Strength in God’s Promises

DATE: SUNDAY 1ST OCTOBER 2023. Life is filled with challenges, trials, and moments of weakness. In those times, it is essential to find strength in the promises of God. His Word is filled with assurances of His presence, His faithfulness, and His power to sustain us through every circumstance. Today,

The Power of God’s Word to Convict and Transform

DATE: SATURDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER God’s Word is not just a collection of ancient texts; it is a living and powerful tool that has the ability to convict and transform our lives. The Scriptures are inspired by God and serve as a guide for our faith and daily walk with Him.

The Blessings of a Thankful Heart

DATE: FRIDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER 2023. In a world that often encourages us to focus on what we lack or what is going wrong, cultivating a thankful heart is a transformative practice. As believers, we are called to maintain an attitude of gratitude and recognize the blessings in our lives. Today,

Resting in Godygm’s Provision and Protection

100 Days of Spiritual Formation & Devotional Written by Apst. S.O Fadiya DATE: WEDNESDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER 2023. In a world filled with uncertainty and challenges, it is comforting to know that as believers, we can find rest in God’s provision and protection. He is our loving Father who cares for

Growing in Spiritual Maturity and Character

100 Days of Spiritual Formation & Devotional Written by Apst. S.O Fadiya DATE: WEDNESDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2023.   As believers, we are called to grow in spiritual maturity and character. God desires for us to continually deepen our relationship with Him and to reflect the character of Christ in our


Prayer is a communication between man and God; it is a dialog and not a monolog; you speak to God, and He speaks back to you.


When God gives an assurance, there is nothing in this world that can change or break that assurance.
He is God and he can never lie or re-length on His promises.


One of the ways to command your destiny is to speak into it. Ezekiel 2:2 says “And the spirit entered into me when He spake unto me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard Him that spake unto me.”

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