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A New Chapter Begins: Let Expand The Church together!


Be baptized as the next step in your spiritual journey and see where it takes you! The removal of sin and the commencement of a new life in Christ are both symbolized by this significant and life-changing sacrament. 

Come out with us as we make a solemn proclamation of our belief in Jesus and our intention to follow in His footsteps. It would be an honor to walk beside you as you take such a crucial step in your spiritual journey as baptism, which is an essential stage in your spiritual journey. 

Do not put it off any longer; join up for baptism right away and let God’s love and grace to transform your life in a fresh and meaningful way!

Salvation Decision

Are you prepared to make the decision that will change your life and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Do not hesitate any longer; choose to follow Him right now. Join us and as you surrender your life to God, you will encounter His love, grace, and forgiveness. We would be honored to walk beside you and encourage you as you develop your faith.

Do not pass up the chance to begin a new life in Christ. Sign up right away to begin your journey toward a life of meaning and hope.

Discipleship Class

Participating in our discipleship program will allow you to advance farther along your spiritual path. 

This program will assist you in developing a closer relationship with God as well as a more in-depth study of the Bible, regardless of how long you have been a Christian for. 

Join us and become a part of a community of believers who are enthusiastic about following Jesus Christ and finding their purpose in life.

 Do not pass up the chance to grow in your religion and make connections with other people by missing out on this event!

Baby Dedication

By giving your kid to God, you can honor the gift of new life. Our baby dedication ceremony is a unique occasion that honors the birth of your kid and your promise as parents to bring up your child in a loving and religious environment.

 Invite your family and friends to join us as we pray for God to bless your child and ask for His direction and protection as they develop.

Do not pass up this chance to begin your child’s spiritual journey in a thankful and faith-filled manner. Register right away, and we will assist you in giving your kid to God.

Property Dedication

By dedicating your new home to God, you can express your gratitude to him for all the blessings you have received.

Our special house dedication service is intended to honor both the gift of a new home and the influence of God in your life. Bring your family and friends to join us as we pray for God to bless your home and to provide for it. We will also ask for His protection and provision.

Do not miss the opportunity to start your new chapter with an attitude of gratitude and faith; you will not want to. Register right away, and we will help you start your journey in your new house with a special ceremony that will be devoted to God’s service.