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Blessing Onyedi

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September 14, 2021


CCE was the first church I attended the first Sunday of the week of my arrival in Cyprus, and I knew that it was the one because there was an instant connection. I had no difficulties looking for a church unlike most. It was my earnest desire to find youths who shared the same faith as me before I came, and lo and behold I found. God has really used this platform to birth forth leaders and youths who love Christ and are confident about Him.I thank God for the youthful pastors who are truly inspirational both Spiritually and academically. They are living proofs that you are never too young to take up the cross. Throughout my journey in this house of God, I have had to learn and unlearn a lot ,which has aided my growth Spiritually, taught me how to be a leader and made my journey with Christ absolutely phenomenal. I am indeed excited for what God has in stock for me in this dominant army and all I can say is indeed, God is here (Matthew 18:20) and I’m glad to be here (Psalm 122:1).