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Blessing Onyedi

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September 15, 2021


My coming to Cyprus and eventually CCE has been like the arrival of a new recruit at a military camp (Dominant Army). And like a new recruit, I didn’t know what to expect but I am grateful to God for the training in discipline and guidance I have received over the past years. From my first service, my spirit was at peace with the church and I knew it was where God had prepared for me to be groomed. I am grateful for my Pastors and my leaders whose lives and testaments God has used to shape mine. They have taught and blessed me in my academics, my social circles and especially my spiritual life. Having spent sometime here I can boldly say that I have been equipped for life. I appreciate the friends I have made here who have now turned family, they have been the environment in which I have flourished by the Grace of God. Thank you CCE for making me useful to God, to my family and to my society.