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Blessing Onyedi

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September 10, 2021


I would like to thank God for his faithfulness in my life and that of my family. For provision, protection, good health and a lot more.
Firstly I wish to thank God for the strength He gives me daily and most especially good health. This is because I work everyday for 10-12 hours sometimes and no days off. Yet, I’ve never been sick or had a breakdown because of too much stress from work.  I go to work sound and strong everyday. Secondly I thank God for preserving my father’s life.  Within the space of 2 months, he was involved in 2 accidents. Firstly, it was a car accident which made him hospitalized for a week and a few days. He had a leg injury but God healed him. Secondly,  there was a fire accident at his job,  we were grateful because he got out of the place without burns or anything. God has been faithful. We can’t thank Him enough. To add, I would like to thank God for academic success in my mom’s life. It hasn’t been easy but God saw her through. She defended her Master’s thesis with excellence few weeks ago and by God’s grace she will be graduating in october .
Lastly I thank God for my CCE family and the ministers who sometimes call to pray with me on behalf of the church it means a lot to me and I’m grateful.