Mission & Vision Statement

Christ Church Evangelism Ministries (CCE-Ministries) is received in the Vision of Night and founded on biblical principles entrusted on the servant of God. For over a decade, we have established and further a reputation for reaching the lost and the forgotten. This ministry has also built, trained and served thousands of ministers in different spheres with the utmost guidance and impartation of the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are recognized and appreciated by different communities for our dedication to academic and spiritual excellence. We are overseeing, mentoring and supporting faithful and spiritual leaders and churches with strong and dynamic molds of effective Leadership.

  • To make the heavenly call and correctly point many to heaven

  • To build sophisticated professionals, the potential leaders in different Spheres of life.

  • To help the mankind see the invincible and know their purpose for life, in addition to the maximum of God's purpose for their life.

  • We are ensuring to preach the gospel news of our Lord Jesus Christ to every friend and family member until we leave this world or till Jesus Christ appears.


  • Committed to leaving a legacy of gracious hope and purposeful act of God to future generations.

  • Influencing generations by the authority of Christ received by the vision of night and by modelling the way of God as led by the Holy Spirit today and tomorrow.

  • Developing and encouraging spiritual & personal growth by empowering our family members and ensuring none is left behind.

  • Mirroring every of our actions and words with Accountability.

  • Showing a great love of God (Agape) in treating one another (Building a family of Christ irrespective of background or race) with dignity and respect.