This is an action-oriented ministry to reach out to men generally and mature them into Christ-centeredness with a clear sense of vision and direction for their lives, families and communities. The men are groomed to lead with confidence and provide directions for their own lives, families and communities. Our target is to get them actively involved with their environment in a way that positively impacts their everyday life experiences – teaching and empowering them to shine Jesus Christ through their vocational engagements; like business and career..



Observation proves that women are more present in all our weekly meetings than men. Irrespective of age, marital status and other differentiating factors, women have over the years shown an unquenchable penchant to minister to others and to be ministered to by God. We have a dominant force of women who are anointed and have wholly devoted their lives to be a blessing to other women via this ministry..

We believe that God has ordained women in a peculiar way to impact their families, communities and the world at large without limitations and we are committed to helping women fulfil this purpose.