Our Leadership is modeled and cultured in the word of God. He must become greater; We must become less.

  • Whose mission is it? Not ours! The church doesn't come up with its mission. But as revealed by God and the Bible sets forth God's mission for the church. The Holy Spirit and men can teach Leadership, especially if the heart who wants to receive it is opened.

  • The Spirit of God in a Night Vision gave the servant of God (Apostle S.O Fadiya) the authority for the Deliverance of the human race and commanded him to teach men alike. More so, he had come across men of God and been taught by anointed men of God by the inspired word receive by them from God

  • There are specifically revealed channels, but not limited to, for practical and competent leadership deployment:

    • Effective Leadership
    • Practical-Leadership
    • Leading-the-Church
  • Our burning excitement and passion for seeing a church and individuals committed to God’s purpose through the power of effective prayers, devotion to His Lordship and a surrendered life to His ways