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Pastors Message

Destiny can be said to be inevitable or irresistible of a predetermined course of events in a man’s life. In this generation, the world is making the unfortunate decision to hide a lot of necessary background information in unlocking the true meaning of Destiny and the responsibility that must be shouldered to fulfil it. Instead, they believe that destiny play out itself and you probably just watch how it unfold and do nothing about it. It is a very complicated issue that needs attention and clarity.

Even though destiny is a reality, there should be nothing such as ‘’things happen on their own accord’’ or the way they are designed to occur while folding your hands doing nothing about the situation. Some people think and believe that destiny is the force that controls what happens in the future, which cannot be influenced by people. Whatever happens in their lives, happens, and they cannot do anything about it at all. That may sound convincing but not entirely correct, with the intervention of God, destiny can play well if we are willing to pay the price that may be required and humble our self before God Almighty.

Destiny can choose obedience with its attendant blessing or select disobedience with its consequent curse. The giver of the future is a sovereign God who has a plan for our individual lives. However, His programs for those who trust in Him is divine and excellent, and He promises to glorify us His children. Pastor Rick said as I quote; “Your life is not an accident “. You have a destiny, one that only you can complete. Take a full responsibility for your tomorrow today and emerge the destiny you want to see in the Light of God’s word.