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October 6, 2022


Praise the Lord!

I thank God for His faithfulness in my friend’s life. During the 100 days, evidence of prayers, my friend from the USA, Yvonski, called me to say that he is very sick, and the doctors have said they are not sure he will live.

He was hopeless, and they told him that if he had any last words, let him say them. So his brother had to call the parent to tell them about the situation; His parents were crying. The doctors operated on him and said he would still undergo the second surgery if he is still living. At this point, they could only know if he was still alive through the machines connected to his body because he was on oxygen.

When I heard of this, tears ran down my eyes, and I said if you could make it through in Cyprus, how can you die in the USA. I started praying for him during the day, and on the 24th day of evidence prayers in the evening, I sent in a prayer request on behalf of my friend. Behold, this was the last prayer point Daddy took for that day, and he made a prayer for my friend. And God gave him strength instantly and restored his health.

The doctors were surprised and asked what had happened to him. God has declared that there would be no second operation through His servant, and the word of God came to pass. The doctor said he doesn’t need any second surgery after a check-up. The doctors gave him two months to spend in the hospital after his healing.

Afterward, he was discharged after five days. Indeed the God of this commission Christ Church Evangelism and the Grace upon Apostle Samson Fadiya will never fail when we call out for help in prayers. I want to thank Daddy for giving himself for the use of God and for standing in the gap for us in the place of prayers. I return all the Glory to God Almighty.

Kingsley Sama Ntali

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