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This guideline is formulated and acceded by the Interim Board of Trustees of Christ Church Evangelism and governs the operation of the Dayspring voices which is the music/choir arm of the Church.
Participating in divine worship services as a choir member is a sacred responsibility, not to be taken lightly. Choir members offer their talents to the faith as part of their stewardship unto God who is the giver and refiner of their talents. Hence, the members of the choir are required to strictly adhere to the regulations herein provided.
These regulations are subject to periodic review and update.

1. To be born again and live a holy life consecrated to God and his service.
2. Every member must be able to maintain a daily study of the Bible and a daily prayer life.
3. To equip and improve their talent/skills in leading themselves and others in worship/praise/hymns.


1. Every member of the choir must successfully complete CCE Discipleship Formation School (which last for minimum 8 weeks)

2. Every member must be present at all weekly activities of the Church and Choir rehearsals. Absenteeism from any of these must be due to a genuine reason of which the member has been granted leave/permission from the choir director and/or pastor overseeing the team. Failure to attend these meetings without leave/permission will result to the member prevented from ministering. Where absenteeism is persistent, membership may be withdrawn.

3. Bible studies and Prayer are vital aspects of the rehearsals that must be adhered to by every member.

4. The Sunday 9am prayer is mandatory for all members to help them build up the right spiritual atmosphere before going into the service.

5. We believe that appearance impacts message. Members must be decent and moderate in their appearance. Untidiness and the use of provocative and revealing tops/trousers/skirts are not welcome. Members falling short of this guideline will be prevented from ministering and may attract other disciplinary measures. Weekly Uniforms and Colours would be announced to the members in advanced.

6. Members should dress decently both for choir practice and Sunday services, all dresses should be below knee level.

7. We believe that the conduct of member outside and within the church must be consistent with God’s word and standards. Members must abstain from any form of private and public misconduct. The members must totally shun behaviours that would bring shame to the Church and the name of God. Disciplinary measures may be applied on any member who is found guilty of a misconduct whether or not such misconduct was done within the church or outside the church.

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